Dear All,

We have been informed of the following Health and Safety rules -

The latest Health and Safety Regulation from UK insist that no jewellery can be worn during PE or Sport lessons. This is ANY jewellery even religious or pieces of personal significance and includes newly inserted jewellery which must also be removed for the duration of the lesson. As Physical Education is a compulsory part of the UK National Curriculum, parents cannot request their child opts out of this lesson unless supported by a doctors letter or medical certificate. Earrings must be removed for the lesson.

This has a big impact on our Nursery and Infant children, who are usually unable to remove earrings themselves. Therefore, I ask that the Nursery and Infant children have earrings removed before school on PE days. I know this is an extra thing to think about but it really is for the safety of the children.

A reminder of PE days - Nursery - Tuesday & Thursday
Reception - Monday & Friday
Y1 - Tuesday & Friday
Y2 - Tuesday & Thursday

Note to all parents:
We need to keep the school grounds as secure as possible and we request that parents only enter the school grounds before 9.00 am and after 3.30 pm. Should you need to access the school out of these hours please register in the school office.

Thank you, in advance, for your support!
Miss Pearson

Head of the Infant department