Dear All,

We are pleased to announce that we have 2 new members of staff in the Infant Department. Miss Gowland who is based in the Reception Class and Miss Burridge who will be spending time in various Infant and Junior Classes.
We would like to thank all the parents for following the one-way system when leaving the school. For the safety of all our students please do NOT stop on the road outside the school
- not even for a few seconds. Please can we also ask that everyone parks in the car park facing the exits - saving a 3 point turn when leaving the school to ease the flow of traffic.
The Infant children finish at 3.30pm.If you do not have older children to collect, we ask that you leave the premises quickly, to help with the volume of traffic. Also, no children or parents should be in the Junior area until the school bell goes at 3.45pm. The Junior children are still working and do not want any distractions!

As we approach the end of our first full week, teachers have already noted some children who are often late in arriving to school, or late being collected. Please can we have a punctual week next week!

All special needs forms should be completed and returned to school now. If yours is not, please do so on Monday then all the staff can have up-to-date information of their children´s needs.

Nursery children - Miss Mason and Mrs Swinney are still waiting for photos for name cards!! Please send in on Monday!

Have a good weekend!
Miss Pearson