The Sports Leaders Award has been running for six years at Wingate School, with outstanding results again this year.

The Sixth Form students follow the course across two modules, practical lesson delivery, and a log book entry through to the `Coaches In The Curriculum` written exam at the end of the course.

Each leader has demonstrated excellent subject knowledge across a variety of sports and acquired exceptional organisational skills in lesson planning through to specific drill practices, which have proved effective to complete the required skill and lesson objectives set.
All sports leaders understand how to differentiate and focus on inclusion within their lessons, leading the younger pupils within the Junior PE classes of Wingate School. The young leaders played an important role in organising and running a handball tournament for the younger pupils in the school, their contribution helped the tournament to run smoothly. All Year 7 and 8 students who participated, gained an enjoyable and valuable experience.

Our Senior Sports Day was a resounding success, with over two hundred students entering both track events and a range of fun activities. The sports leaders assistance in leading the warm up activities, supporting and encouraging pupils in their individual events was commended by both pupils, teachers and senior management at the school.

This years leaders have all been excellent role models for the younger children in the school, who have been inspired by the enthusiasm each of the leaders project. The execution of technique evident from the leaders, during their verbal and non-verbal demonstrations has proved effective for both British students and those who speak English as a second language.
These set of skills have attributed to the sports leaders accomplishments across both modules of the course, boasting an incredible seven A* grades, two A`s, two B`s and a grade C. Many Leaders achieved an outstanding score above 90% within the Coaches In The Curriculum written exam as well as presenting methodical course work towards their log book completion and entry.

I speak on behalf of Wingate School on commending the sports leaders on their outstanding results and expressing how proud we are.

By Mrs Elaine Yates