Dear All,

I hope you were all as impressed as I was with the children´s singing this morning! They were so excited about performing for you! And I hope mums get a well-deserved rest on Sunday!!

Next Friday is our Charity challenge day , when Nursery will be tested on their bug boxes, and Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 do their spellings!! I hope everyone is doing well with their sponsor forms and getting lots of support! I looked at last year´s results - The Nursery and Infant children raised 2,600€ (Gracie ,who is now in Year 3, raised a fantastic 400€ herself and was the overall winner!)

Can we beat that???!!

The children must bring their sponsor form to school next Friday for teachers to sign.

Miss Brown has given a spelling list today but it is for the week after the challenge!

Miss Brown has asked Year 1 parents to send in empty and clean containers (yogurt pots, water bottles, etc) for the children´s "capacity" activities

No PE next Friday for Reception and Year 1, and no PE for the next 2 Fridays for Nursery.

Have a good weekend!