Wingate students raise money to help a school in The Gambia

Wingate School staff and Year 9 students have raised the amazing sum of 500€ for the Brufut Upper Basic School in The Gambia this term through various events , including a cultural food fair.

The school (which is only being a few hours flight away from us in Western Africa) is doing its best to improve the lives of its students and lift them out of poverty through education, but the school is terribly under-funded. They have over 2000 students, too many to fit in the school at one time, so they have to be taught in two shifts. There are up to 75 children per class, taught by only one teacher, with not enough space, chairs or tables to go around.

The school doesn't even have the basic school equipment that we take for granted, such as chromebooks, use of the Internet or projectors, which would be an absolute luxury in The Gambia. Not only do they have insufficient supplies of paper, pens or books, they have no access to running water or a reliable supply of electricity.
The money Wingate School has raised will have a big impact on the learning opportunities of the students. So far, the Brufut School have bought mathematical set boxes and books with our previous donation. A little money from us goes a long way in The Gambia and changes lives. So, many thanks to all the parents, staff and students who have supported this worthwhile project.

A particular thank you goes to Ania, Bhipasha, Daniela, Devisha, Janvi, Oceane, Meghan and Phoebe, as well as other members of Year 9, who helped to organise the charity events.