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Junior Newsletter dated 20th March 2017

Dear Parents

First a message from Mr Macrae:

Inspection: I am both delighted and immensely proud to share with you the results of the recent British Schools Overseas (BSO) & NABSS Inspection at Wingate School. Following an intense 3 days by a team of 4 Inspectors, where every detail of the school was scrutinised, the Schools Inspection Service have accredited us with the ‘BSO’ standard status. This is a quality benchmark which means that we achieved all of the standards required to be recognised internationally as a British School Overseas. This is a fantastic achievement for Wingate School as only the top 5% of International British schools even apply for BSO status and many do not reach the required standards. Additionally, we were reaccredited by the National Association of British Schools in Spain (NABSS). The full Report can be read from our website.

A request from Miss MacDonald: Could the children bring in an old top to use for painting.

Many thanks,
Mrs Estevez
Head of Juniors

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