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The first school to go all-digital in Tenerife!

The start of the new academic year brought exciting new plans to life as Wingate became the first school in Tenerife to go all-digital with Google Apps for Classrooms. The plans evolved following a considerable amount of research made over the course of the preceding year with online conferences and face-to-face meetings with Google facilitators and fellow professionals in order to revolutionise the teaching and learning at Wingate School. This important step forward will enable the students to access the extensive variety of resources both online and within the “Google Classroom”, a platform in which a wide array of educational apps can be easily accessed.

In order to achieve this, a number of “Chromebooks” were sourced and later purchased by all of our Senior students. These tablets are designed to safely deliver learning tools designed and built especially for school children.

Over the next 2 years, all subjects in the Senior school will gradually move over to the Google platform. The students have been very enthustiastic about the introduction of the Chromebooks to their learning experience. We have asked them to share their views on the changes this year with you, please see the below link. We hope the “Google Apps for Classrooms” will expand their knowledge-base and further their interests in subjects, not to mention alleviate the heavy weight that has previously been on their backs!

Furthermore, the successful addition of 48 solar panels to the rooftops of Wingate have contributed towards making the school into a green, renewable energy centre. We believe this, coupled with new paperless learning resources, makes Wingate School a forward-thinking educational environment which also keeps the strong family values that it is so proud of.

The school would like to take this chance to thank all our parents for their continued support in launching this new and exciting learning tool for the children.

You can read a few letters from our students about their first experiences with their Chromebook here.

Questions should be sent by email to theoffice@wingateschool.com and will then be added to the website under FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS.