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Education in English for children of all nationalities.
A friendly, English school teaching children of all ages
A supportive, relaxed and playful atmosphere to nourish your child's imagination
Give your children the best start in life with a complete English school experience
Wingate School is fully equipped to teach your children to the latest, highest standards
Committed to teaching children learn valuable social skills, helpful in all walks of life
At Wingate School, we offer extra curricular activities such as dramatic arts and sports
Wingate is recognised as a “Good School” by BSO.
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Message from the Headmaster

September 2017 saw the start of the new school year and the excitement of seeing the results of all the building work that had gone on during the summer. 4 new senior classrooms and a complete restructure of the nursery and infant area, allowed us to double the size of the nursery to 24 students. We are delighted that the school has expanded in all areas but particularly in the Junior school where we can now accommodate double entry in almost all classes. There is more expansion planned over the next few years to allow us to grow further in the Senior school.

The Google Classroom and Apps e-learning platform continues to grow apace with more of the Junior classes moving on to using the Chrome book and the students are now embracing the new technology with enthusiasm and a high degree of mastery. In fact, in many cases, they are able to show us teachers what we need to do!

The new staff that we have taken on this year are all highly qualified in their fields so that we can continue to provide the high level, quality education that Wingate has become known for. Our family values continue to lead our school forward as it strives to produce students that are able to achieve not just their academic potential, but also their personal potential. Wingate is a place where students can thrive in an environment that nurtures and supports individual development.

Wingate follows the UK National Curriculum with added Spanish and Spanish Studies. All lessons are delivered in English except Spanish and French. We are a truly a diverse and International community with 23 different nationalities of children so far.

If you wish to visit our lovely school, please contact the Office and make an appointment. We will be delighted to show you around and sincerely hope you will entrust us with your children.

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