Wingate is ready for the new Covid-19 rules to keep your children safe
Separate entrances and hand sanitiser are just a few of the measures
All communal areas will be disinfected and cleaned on a regular basis throughout the day
The updated catering area and quarantine room
Covid-19 Protocol
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Message from Mr Macrae dated 11th September 2020
Dear parents and guardians

I am sure you are all now aware that the Consejo de Gobierno has announced that all schools will reopen next week.
Nursery to Year 6 will start on Tuesday 15. Please refer to the Newsletters sent recently which can be found on our website, for details of arrival & departure times and entry arrangements.
All Senior classes, Years 7 to 13 will start on Wednesday 16 September. Again, please consult the Seniors Newsletter on the website for details.

We are incredibly busy preparing for school to reopen. The schools COVID-19 Committee met again today to adopt the latest changes. There are one-way systems, separate play areas, staggered play times and staggered lunches. There are Hydroalcoholic gel dispensers and bottles at every entrance, all over the school and in classrooms.
We are updating our Protocols, Procedures and routines today from the latest BOE released on Tuesday and these will be uploaded to the website later today. We have been training and preparing all our staff to be able to react to any eventualities. We have installed a new Quarantine room, which we hope will never be used but is ready nonetheless.
We will upload photographs to the school website next week to show you how we are trying to comply with all the COVID-19 protocols yet still maintain the teaching and learning of all our students in as safe an environment as possible. We have even consulted with the Tenerife Spanish Schools Inspectors team, who has helped with advice.

It is going to take all of us working together to make the reopening work smoothly. There will be lots of staff on hand for the first few days and it is important that you please follow our instructions for drop off and pick up particularly. We strongly recommend that parents consider using the school buses to make the process of arriving and leaving school much easier.

Remember there is no tuck shop, so your child or children will need snacks and lunch. Though taking advantage of the school catering would help with that.

There are a couple of new instructions for parents in the latest BOE. YOU MUST take your child's temperature before they leave home. YOU MUST NOT send them to school if they have any fever normally at 37.7 deg or above and you should consult your GP.
Your child MUST come to school unless they have a fever or you have a doctors letter saying they cannot come to school. Either situation, you must inform the school immediately.

We will keep you informed of any changes or updates so please keep checking the website.
So here we go. We are all excited, I bet most children are excited, some a little nervous and most parents mightily relieved!
Please be reassured that we will strive to keep our school, environment and your child as safe as possible

Wingate Covid Protocol Policy

School Day Protocol Appendices

Kind regards

Mr Colin Macrae
Head of Wingate School
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Wingate School aims to develop the whole student by instilling family values, knowledge and skills to become an independent, self-reliant learner with the strength of character to make positive contributions to an ever-changing world.
British Schools Overseas (BSO) formally recognises Wingate as a “Good School”
Message from the Head of Wingate School
We have worked collectively to make our school as COVID-19 safe as possible for students and staff. This has required some substantial changes to the working day and the way we all approach ‘life’ within school. Regardless of how we may feel about the systems we have had to impose, they have been implemented on the instruction, advice and guidance of the Gobierno, professional advisors and International academic colleagues. We all sincerely hope these will be temporary measures and we can eventually return to a more normal school environment.

As we start along this new uncertain pathway into this academic year we must reflect on the last 6 months. How much did we all learn whilst in Lockdown? Once we have consolidated that information, we can plan effective strategies for our students and their academic progress. This is happening with all our teachers and will be implemented from the school reopening to students.

Due to exam final grades being assessed on predicted grades, although our students achieved creditable final results, we will not publish these on our website this year. For our graduating students in Years 6, 11 &13, we wish them much luck in their challenges ahead wherever it takes them in the World. Though we are delighted that all our Year 13 students achieved entrance into their chosen Universities on their chosen courses.

Only working together – students, parents, teachers and all staff, will we ensure that the community of Wingate School will continue, recover and once again strive to go from strength to strength.

Thank you for your continued support.
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Thank you for the email enquiring about how Zoë found the intake process at Wingate. I'm pleased to say that Zoë seems to have settled in well at Wingate and has made some friends. She is happy to come to school in the mornings and is now feeling more comfortable in lessons and with the level of teaching. The administration department has been very professional and efficient and responded quickly to any enquiries I have made. The enrollment process was easy to follow especially as we were applying from overseas.
Muchas gracias por su interés en Georgia. Solo comunicarles que está muy feliz en el colegio y su primer dia de llegada a casa le dijo a su padre que había sido el mejor dia de su vida. Una vez mas muchas gracias por la ayuda que hemos recibido con los niños por parte del equipo del colegio. Un saludo Thank you very much for your interest in Georgia. Just to let you know that she is very happy at school and after arriving home from her first day of school she told her father that it had been the best day of her life. Once again, thank you very much for the help we have received with the children from the school office. Reagards
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