Wingate is ready for the new Covid-19 rules to keep your children safe
Separate entrances and hand sanitiser are just a few of the measures
All communal areas will be disinfected and cleaned on a regular basis throughout the day
The updated catering area and quarantine room
Wingate School Covid Organisation from April 25th 2022
There was a slight easing of restrictions before the Easter holidays and we will try - as much as possible, to return to a “normal” school day. The following will be the organisation from Monday 25th April:

Entrance and dismissal will remain at the same gates and times except Yr’s 3 & 4 dismissal is at 15:40.

Break for all will be 10:40 to 11:00.
Lunch for all Primary and Seniors students will be 12:30 to 13_25, Early Years will eat slightly earlier.
Lesson times in the Seniors will be adjusted and be slightly longer.

Masks are optional to wear for staff and students but mandatory on the school buses. Vulnerable staff and students are advised to wear a mask where necessary at their personal discretion.

Hand gel will remain available in all classrooms and spaces for those who wish to use it.
Hand washing or the use of gel before eating, will still take place.
Sanitising spray will still be available in classrooms for staff to use at their discretion - but advised, between lessons.
Tissues will remain available in all classrooms for staff and students to use.
Outside areas cleaning routines during the day will remain in place.
We will monitor the situation constantly and closely. The school reserves the right to reintroduce restrictions should a situation warrant them.
You must still inform the school if anyone in your family or children test positive for Covid.
We must all remain on our guard, Covid has not gone away!
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A quick tour of Wingate School in 2021
As prospective parents cannot, unfortunately, visit Wingate School in person during the pandemic, we have created this short video so you can see the school and what we are doing. Unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions the camera crew were not allowed into any classrooms but we hope you can get a good overview of our lovely school.
The Wingate Way
Wingate School aims to develop the whole student by instilling family values, knowledge and skills to become an independent, self-reliant learner with the strength of character to make positive contributions to an ever-changing world.
British Schools Overseas (BSO) formally recognises Wingate as a “Good School”
Wingate School has been awarded a grant from the Canarian Goverment
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Thank you for the email enquiring about how Zoë found the intake process at Wingate. I'm pleased to say that Zoë seems to have settled in well at Wingate and has made some friends. She is happy to come to school in the mornings and is now feeling more comfortable in lessons and with the level of teaching. The administration department has been very professional and efficient and responded quickly to any enquiries I have made. The enrollment process was easy to follow especially as we were applying from overseas.
Muchas gracias por su interés en Georgia. Solo comunicarles que está muy feliz en el colegio y su primer dia de llegada a casa le dijo a su padre que había sido el mejor dia de su vida. Una vez mas muchas gracias por la ayuda que hemos recibido con los niños por parte del equipo del colegio. Un saludo Thank you very much for your interest in Georgia. Just to let you know that she is very happy at school and after arriving home from her first day of school she told her father that it had been the best day of her life. Once again, thank you very much for the help we have received with the children from the school office. Reagards
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